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Game Genie codes for Gameboy (E--K)

The Empire Strikes Back(tm) Game
1 00E-A1F-19E Infinite continues
2 011-D7F-E6A + 001-CFF-5D4 Start with all force
abilities in inventory--still need to get force power to activate
3 011-D7F-E6A + 001-CFF-5D4 Infinite energy--Tautan
4 011-D7F-E6A + 001-CFF-5D4 Infinite energy--Luke
The Empire Strikes Back and related names are trademarks of
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Extra Bases (tm) Game
1 000-0BE-3BA Outs aren't counted
2 000-7AB-3BA Strikes aren't counted
3 000-8BB-3BA Balls aren't counted
*=Can switch on/off
4 00B-91A-19A *Opponents can't score (switch off
when you're batting so you can
5 01F-D6F-E66 *One strike and you're out
6 02F-D6F-E66 *2 strikes and you're out
7 01F-F0F-E66 *1 out and side is retired
8 02F-F0F-E66 *2 outs and side is retired
9 01F-C0F-F7A *1 ball and you walk
10 02F-C0F-F7A *2 balls and you walk
Extra Bases is a trademark of Namco Ltd.

F-15 Strike Eagle(tm) Game
1 0A3-88C-912 Start with 10 sidewinders
2 323-88C-912 Start with 50 sidewinders
3 5A3-88C-912 Start with 90 sidewinders
4 0A3-8DC-D56 Start with 10 mavericks
5 323-8DC-D56 Start with 50 mavericks
6 5A3-8DC-D56 Start with 90 mavericks
7 0A3-92C-80A Start with 10 E.C.M.
8 323-92C-80A Start with 50 E.C.M.
9 5A3-92C-80A Start with 90 E.C.M.
10 023-9BC-E66 + 013-9AC-6EA Start with 513 bullets
11 083-9BC-E66 + 013-9AC-6EA Start with 2049 bullets
12 103-9BC-E66 + 013-9AC-6EA Start with 4097 bullets
13 FAA-52D-4C1 Infinite bullets
14 FA8-EEF-4C1 Infinite sidewinders
15 FA8-ABF-4C1 Infinite mavericks
16 013-BCC-E62 Fly very slowly
17 093-BCC-E62 Fly at supersonic speed
18 FA8-5BF-4C1 Infinite E.C.M.
F-15 Strike Eagle is a trademark of MicroProse Software Inc.

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge(tm) Game
1 004-58C-19E Don't lose speed when touching side
of track in qualifying round or race--hitting sign will slow you down
(if you accelerate fully, release A button and position car in middle
of track, it will steer itself)
2 000-22C-C49 When you crash with another car,
your speed won't drop to 0
3 00A-39B-E6E + 00A-1AB-E6E No qualifying timer
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge is a trademark of Acclaim
Entertainment, Inc.

Fighting Simulator 2 in 1 Flying Warriors(tm) Game
Action game codes:
1 057-24E-E66 Start with 5 lives
2 097-24E-E66 Start with 9 lives
3 0F7-24E-E66 Start with 15 lives
4 008-D7E-19E Infinite lives
5 3D7-3CE-19A Infinite energy
Fighting Simulator 2 in 1 Flying Warriors is a trademark of Culture
Brain USA, Inc.

Final Fantasy Legend(tm) Game
Human Male codes only. Make your own changes to these codes to
create a
super strong character! (See instructions.)
1 011-238-C4A Start with 1 strength point
2 051-238-C4A Start with 5 strength points
3 021-248-E6E Start with 2 defense points
4 061-248-E6E Start with 6 defense points
5 031-258-F7A Start with 3 agility points
6 071-258-F7A Start with 7 agility points
7 041-268-E6A Start with 4 mana points
8 081-268-E6A Start with 8 mana points
9 012-588-19A Start with 1 hit point
10 052-588-19A Start with 5 hit points
Final Fantasy Legend is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Final Fantasy Legend 2(tm) Game
Make your own changes to these codes to create a super strong
character! (See
1 098-E28-086 Start with 9 hit points
2 098-E68-E66 Start with 9 defense points
3 098-E78-E66 Start with 9 mana points
4 098-E58-F7E Start with 9 agility points
5 098-E48-F72 Start with 9 strength points
6 09E-818-2A2 Start with 9 swords--if your
character can start with swords
7 005-96F-08B + 005-9CF-08B All characters start with 15,163 hit points (shows only 999)
Final Fantasy Legend 2 is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Final Fantasy Legend III(tm) Game
1 FFA-928-E6A + FF8-918-2A2 + FF8-938-2A2 Set initial power
to mega-power
Final Fantasy Legend III is a trademark of Square Co., Ltd.

Fish Dude(tm) Game
1 215-25F-081 No timer
2 002-3DF-E62 Start with 1 life
3 042-3DF-E62 Start with 5 lives
4 082-3DF-E62 Start with 9 lives
5 0E2-3DF-E62 Start with 15 lives„ignore counter for 1st 5 lives
6 002-A8F-3BE Infinite lives
Fish Dude is a trademark of SOFEL Corp.

Fist of the North Star(tm) Game
1 21E-9FF-4C1 Almost invincible
2 21F-A5F-4C1 No energy loss from weapons thrown
*=Both players
3 40F-F7E-195 *Start with 25% energy
4 7F4-F7E-195 *Start with 50% energy
5 C44-F7E-195 *Start with 75% energy
6 05B-CCE-E6E Start on level 5
7 09B-CCE-E6E Start on level 9
Fist of the North Star is a trademark of Bronson„Tetsuo
Hara/Shueisha„Fuji TV„Toei Animation

The Flash (tm) Game
1 015-9CF-E66 Start with 1 life
2 065-9CF-E66 Start with 6 lives
3 4C5-A1F-D54 Start with 1/2 surge power
4 245-A6F-C4B Start with 1/2 energy
5 003-A8F-E69 Infinite lives
6 00A-85F-E6D Infinite energy--except against
exploding bombs
7 00D-B6C-3BE Infinite time--switch off at end of
each stage to go on
The Flash is a trademark of DC Comics Inc.

George Foreman's KO Boxing (tm) Game
1 3E9-CBE-4CA Infinite energy (display still goes
down)--don't switch off
2 001-89E-E6E Infinite time
3 3E7-EEE-08A Infinite super punch
George Foreman's KO Boxing is a trademark of Acclaim
Entertainment, Inc.

Goal(tm) Game
1 633-ECB-5DE Select time of up to 99 min. per half
2 FF5-5AA-CDE + FF5-5BA-C46 + FF5-5CA-CBE Player 2 is
fastest on the pitch
3 00A-DAB-19A No goals scored against you by computer
4 009-EFE-E6E Infinite timer
5 225-5BA-C46 Some teammates have a mega-kick
Goal is a trademark of Jaleco.

Godzilla(tm) Game
1 00F-09F-E6E Infinite lives
2 005-16D-19E Infinite energy„spikes can still kill you
3 016-E9F-E62 Start with 2 life
4 056-E9F-E62 Start with 6 lives
5 096-E9F-E62 Start with 10 lives
6 088-3BF-A2A Godzilla loses 1/2 energy on 1st hit
Godzilla is a trademark of Toho Company, Ltd.

Heavyweight Championship Boxing(tm) Game
1 00B-A4E-E6E No ring timer
2 AF6-E1B-19E No round increase
3 008-B2E-19E Juggle your power--can alter
power settings and give full
power in all categories
4 014-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 1
5 024-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 2
6 034-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 3
7 044-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 4
8 054-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 5
9 064-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 6
10 074-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 7
11 084-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 8
12 094-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 9
13 994-78F-E66 Start with super power
Heavyweight Championship Boxing is a trademark of Activision.

High Stakes(tm) Game
1 00C-ADB-3BE + 006-6BA-3BE Once you've collected an item
from Shady(tm), can't lose it--
blackjack mission 1 only
2 00B-B1E-A22 Betting and cheat tokens cost 0
*=Beginning display shows $50,000
3 628-D8F-E65 *Start with 1/2 money
4 FF8-D8F-E65 *Start with over $65,000
5 3E0-BOB-081 + 000-B2B-E61 No limit to how much you can
buy of each item from
High Stakes and Shady are trademarks of Electro Brain Corp.

Hit the Ice (tm) Game
1 00A-54E-E6E Infinite timer
2 02A-54E-E6E Faster timer
3 002-97D-3BA Infinite super shots
4 012-99D-C42 Only 1 super shot allowed
5 052-99D-C42 5 super shots allowed
6 0A2-99D-C42 10 super shots allowed
7 011-F6B-F7E 1-minute periods--vs. mode
8 021-F6B-F7E 2-minute periods--vs. mode
9 0A1-F6B-F7E 10-minute periods--vs. mode
10 004-39B-E6E Neither team can score
11 0A1-97E-6EA 10 seconds in short race
12 0F1-97E-6EA 15 seconds in short race
13 051-97E-6EA 5 seconds in short race
Hit the Ice is a trademark of Taito Corporation.

Home Alone(tm) Game
1 214-34F-081 No bad guys
2 013-ADD-E66 Start with 1 hit pt.
3 063-ADD-E66 6 hit pts.
4 093-ADD-E66 9 hit pts.„meter shows 6
5 00B-5AD-19E Infinite hit pts.
6 013-E5D-7FA Need 1 treasure to finish level 1
Home Alone is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film

Home Alone 2 (tm) Game
1 056-6FE-E66 Start with 5 lives
2 066-6FE-E66 Start with 6 lives
3 007-82E-19E Infinite lives
4 007-E9E-19E Infinite hits unless picked up by
5 006-75E-08B Get 111,111 points instantly
Home Alone 2 is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film

Hook (tm) Game (1 More Code)
Already in some codebooks
1 3DC-FDD-3BE Infinite lives
Hook is a trademark of Tri-Star Pictures, Inc.

Humans(tm) Game
1 06D-609-D5A Start with 6 humans
2 09D-609-D5A Start with 9 humans
3 0FD-609-D5A Start with 15 humans
4 FA3-E9F-4C1 Infinite humans
5 FA9-B7C-4C1 Infinite timer
Humans is a trademark of Gametek, Inc.

In Your Face (tm) Game
1 004-E9E-6E6 Computer can't score--when it scores, you
the points
2 C38-AAF-E61 Opponents are frozen--2-on-2 game
3 05A-08E-80F 5-second game
4 0AA-08E-80F 10-second game
5 20A-08E-80F 20-second game
In Your Face is a trademark of Jaleco USA, Inc.

The Incredible Crash Dummies (tm) Game
1 022-A9F-F7E Start with 2 lives
2 042-A9F-F7E Start with 4 lives
3 082-A9F-F7E Start with 8 lives
4 001-3EC-E6E Infinite time
5 021-3E6-E6E Faster timer
6 00B-00A-195 Don't lose money when you go
through fire
7 851-49C-E64 More cash for each hit
The Incredible Crash Dummies is a trademark of Tyco Industries, Inc.

Jeep Jamboree(tm) Game
1 3EC-62E-E68 + 01C-63E-19A Always finish in 1st place
2 799-D49-19F + 799-D79-19B Mega speed--stay at
constant high speed even when off course and hitting rocks
3 02B-F0A-E6E Race 1 lap shorter
4 03B-F0A-E6E Race 2 laps shorter
5 04B-F0A-E6E Race 3 laps shorter
Jeep Jamboree is a trademark of Chrysler Corporation.

Jetsons (tm) Game
1 04F-16C-E66 Start with 4 lives
2 07F-16C-E66 Start with 7 lives
3 09F-16C-E66 Start with 9 lives
4 00F-C7F-E6E Infinite lives
5 009-088-3B7 Infinite energy--some robots can't be killed
(switch off to fight them)
6 09F-1EC-F7E Max collectible energy
7 012-A7B-E62 Capped robots on first Elroy stage take 1 hit
to kill
8 082-A7B-E62 Capped robots on first Elroy stage take 8 hits
to kill

Joe & Mac(tm) Game
1 01A-81F-E66 Start with 1 life
2 06A-81F-E66 Start with 6 lives
3 09A-81F-E66 Start with 9 lives
4 002-37D-E6E Infinite lives
5 FAB-E9C-4C1 Infinite energy
6 3EA-89F-6E9 + 02A-8AF-7FD + E0A-8BF-2A9 Start on level 3
7 3EA-89F-6E9 + 05A-8AF-7FD + E0A-8BF-2A9 Start on level 6
8 3EA-89F-6E9 + 08A-8AF-7FD + E0A-8BF-2A9 Start on level 9
9 AFB-E8C-A2C Take one hit and lose life
10 00B-D8C-3B7 No extra energy from pick-ups
Joe & Mac is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc.

Jordan vs. Bird One on One(tm) Game
1 007-06D-E6E Infinite time of possession„1-on-1 game
2 08D-D67-7FA 8 seconds of possession„1-on-1 game
3 0AD-E67-7FA 10 seconds of possession„1-on-1 game
4 0FD-D67-7FA 15 seconds of possession„1-on-1 game
5 007-48D-E6E No timer
6 056-72D-E62 + 056-81D-E62 5 points on 3-point shots
7 086-72D-E62 + 086-81D-E62 8 points on 3-point shots
8 0C6-72D-E62 + 0C6-81D-E62 12 points on 3-point shots
9 056-A1D-E6E + 056-ADD-E62 5 points on 2-point shots
10 086-A1D-E6E + 086-ADD-E62 8 points on 2-point shots
11 0C6-A1D-E6E + 0C6-ADD-E62 12 points on 2-point shots
Jordan vs. Bird One on One is a trademark of Electronic Arts.

Jurassic Park(tm) Part 2: The Chaos Continues Game
1 013-9EF-E66 Start with 1 lives
2 053-9EF-E66 Start with 5 lives
3 073-9EF-E66 Start with 7 lives
4 093-9EF-E66 Start with 9 lives
5 01C-06E-F7A Start with 1 heart--after 1st life
6 09C-06E-F7A Start with 9 hearts--after 1st life
7 013-9BF-F7A Start with 1 heart--1st life
8 093-9BF-F7A Start with 9 hearts--1st life
9 00C-46E-19E Infinite hearts
10 00C-11E-E6E Infinite lives
11 AF3-C9B-7F6 Only need 1 card to open the gate
12 003-DCB-19A Cant collect any energy
13 AF3-DCB-19A First Aid gives you mega energy
14 3E3-DAB-4CA + 033-DBB-F7E Get max energy from collecting energy
15 AFC-46E-19E 1 hit and you die
Jurassic Park is a trademark of Universal City Studios, Inc.

Kid Dracula(tm) Game
1 015-43F-E66 Start with 1 energy heart
2 055-43F-E66 Start with 5 energy hearts
3 005-4BF-E62 Start with 1 life
4 045-4BF-E62 Start with 5 lives
5 095-4BF-E62 Start with 10 lives
6 FAB-F5A-4C1 Infinite lives
7 030-CD8-E6E Start on level 3
8 050-CD8-E6E Start on level 5
9 008-13F-367 Walk thru enemies and still keep energy hearts
Kid Dracula is a trademark of Konami Co., Ltd.

Killer Instinct(tm)
1 002-199-19E Infinite time
2 103-1CD-80C Round starts with 10 seconds
3 303-1CD-80C Round starts with 30 seconds
4 503-1CD-80C Round starts with 50 seconds
5 753-1CD-80C Round starts with 75 seconds
6 FA7-B0B-4C1 Infinite energy
7 012-EAD-919 Strart with very little energy
8 4B2-EAD-919 Strart with 1/4 energy
9 882-EAD-919 Strart with 1/2 energy
10 B42-EAD-919 Strart with 3/4 energy
11 00B-428-6E2 Fierce tiger fury does no damage
12 88B-428-6E2 Fierce tiger fury does more damage
13 FFB-428-6E2 Fierce tiger fury kills
14 00B-698-916 Fierce wind kick does no damage
15 88B-698-916 Fierce wind kick does more damage
16 FFB-698-916 Fierce wind kick kills
17 00B-838-91E Fierce laser blade does no damage
18 88B-838-91E Fierce laser blade does more damage
19 FFB-838-91E Fierce laser blade kills
Killer Instinct is a trademark of Nintendo/Rare.

Kirby's Dream Land(tm) Game
1 FA6-DBB-4C1 Infinite lives
2 FA4-63B-4C1 Infinite vitality bars except
against end-of-stage boss
3 021-BBF-F7E Start with 2 lives
4 051-BBF-F7E Start with 5 lives
5 091-BBF-F7E Start with 9 lives
6 021-C0F-F72 Start with 2 vitality bars
7 051-C0F-F72 Start with 5 vitality bars
8 091-C0F-F72 Start with 9 vitality bars
Kirby's Dream Land is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Kirby's Dreamland 2(tm)
1 003-838-19E One hit and you're invincible
2 012-BFA-6EB Don't flash at all after getting hit
3 202-BFA-6EB Don't flash as long after getting hit
4 FA7-CBD-4C1 Infinite energy
5 AFA-9EC-A28 One hit and you die
6 00D-589-E62 Start with 1 life
7 04D-589-E62 Start with 5 lives
8 06D-589-E62 Start with 7 lives
9 09D-589-E62 Start with 10 lives
10 FA1-C4B-4C1 Infinite lives
11 01C-DE8-F76 Each star woth an extra life
12 00C-DC8-19A Can't get extra lives from stars
13 01C-DE8-F76 + 3DC-878-19A Each star takes away a life
Kirby's Dreamland 2 is a trademark of Nintendo/HAL Laboratory, Inc.

Kirby's Pinball Land(tm) Game
1 300-B99-6EB 30 sec. allowed in Wispy-Woods bonus room
2 990-B99-6EB 99 sec. allowed in Wispy-Woods bonus room
3 FAF-1AA-4C1 Infinite bonus room time--switch off to exit
4 005-34B-E69 Infinite balls
5 054-7CF-E66 Start with 5 balls
6 014-7CF-E66 Start with 1 ball
7 094-7CF-E66 Start with 9 balls
8 3EE-CF9-2A9 + 01E-D09-A21 Go straight to end-of-level bosses
9 3EE-CF9-2A9 + 02E-D09-A21 Go straight to bonus games
Kirby's Pinball Land and related names are trademarks of Hal
Laboratory, Inc./Nintendo.

Krusty's Fun House(tm) Game
1 022-43F-E66 + 022-58F-E66 Start with 2 lives
2 062-43F-E66 + 062-58F-E66 Start with 6 lives
3 092-43F-E66 + 092-58F-E66 Start with 9 lives
4 FA3-ACF-4C1 Infinite lives
5 FA6-EBB-4C1 Infinite pies
6 022-5DF-C42 Start with 2 pies
7 072-5DF-C42 Start with 7 pies
8 0F2-5DF-C42 Start with 15 pies„only shows 10
Krusty's Fun House is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox
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